Pink holy trainer - Specialist

Holy trainer pink Clear Holy

Holy trainer pink NEVER had

Holy trainer pink Holy Trainer

Holy trainer pink NEVER had

Paragon Waist Taper V3, Pretty Pink Camo

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Clear Holy Trainer V3 Nub Chastity Device

Holy trainer pink Paragon Waist

Holy trainer pink Paragon Waist

NEVER had a clue a joke would lead to THIS!

Holy trainer pink Chasity device

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List of products Birdlocked, chastity device for man

Holy trainer pink Pink Holy

Locked In Lust The Vice Chastity Set

It would be my dream to be completely dependend from my Master, even more than I am now.

  • However, its resistance to tearing will be lessened.

  • The new design offers even greater pleasure.

  • It is easy to put on but, once it is closed, it guarantees 100% security.

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It's time to enjoy a male chastity belt that offers the true inescapable chastity experience! This penis cage is more comfortable than The Vice Standard for most! I could never shrink that much and would need operations for that.

  • Simple, understated and very effective.

  • Because he is no specialist in these terms, he has talked to a colleague and was able to make an appointment for me in February yep, because I pay privately, otherwise I would have to wait until autumn.

  • These days we can read a lot about a severe case of child abuse here in Germany.